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About Janet Sung

Hey I'm Janet! I'm a Korean-American freelance illustrator and designer from New York. With my Patreon, I want to share what I'm up to, show my process and finished works, and occasionally write up posts about things adjacent to living as a creative person -- topics like self care, travel, food, or like, a Youtube channel/podcast I'm currently binging while I work.

As a freelancer, I allow myself to work on a large breadth of different types of projects that interest me from editorial illustration to animation to print design to book publishing. I love new creative challenges and seeing my work in new mediums and I've learned a lot along the way! I love swapping tips with friends and I hope I can do that for you guys here too!

A goal I have for my Patreon is to create a space where I can experiment more with writing and creating new types of small run merch (meaning it's only produced in limited quantities). I run an online shop and sell my work at shows almost all year long. You guys will have not only early (or exclusive) access to this merch, but also insight and input on the design process.

I'm still building on this page, so please let me know if there's something in particular you'd like me to cover or offer as a tier option! Thanks so much for the consideration, I'm excited to share more of my work and life with you : )


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