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This is a monthly newsletter, launching in 2018, where you can learn all about people who collaborate creatively on various projects. Each newsletter will include at least one original interview with a duo/trio/group that works together, along with at least one original article, a look at people from history who collaborated, a visual of an art piece or interesting project that was a collaboration, suggestions for reading / viewing material related to the topic, and some take-away tips for learning from these people whether you work collaboratively or online. There will be an emphasis on artists / makers but other types of collaborative business / projects will also be included. I'm especially interested in sharing about collaborative siblings, trios of collaboration and collaborative pairs with wide age differences.
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About Kathryn

THANK YOU so much for supporting the work that I do. I've been a writer for the better part of two decades and what I've learned in that time is that what I love most is applying my writing and research skills to helping others. I do this primarily through authentically sharing my own story and helping others to uncover and share their own. The newsletters and creative support available to my Patreon followers are about offering my skills as gifts to help inspire more creativity, more personal growth, more mental health awareness, and more community connection. Below you can check out what I'm about, what you get when you support me, and why I hope you'll decide to do so. See the "rewards" page of Patreon for even more about what's in it for you.

More than that, I hope that you'll see that when we donate to independent writers and artists, we are improving the world. People who put their heart into their work are better for this world than people who are doing things rotely. People who create are bringing new life into our communities. Patreon is a way to give to those people, to say that you support independent art, that you want to see indie writers thrive, that you believe in the creative process even more than the products it results in.

My Mission

I commit to using my skills / experience in writing, crafting and therapeutic creativity to assist others in understanding, exploring and achieving their creative dreams, honoring their artistic selves and healing their inner and outer worlds. This is done primarily through the channel of crochet but incorporates information from other areas of craft, art, creativity and psychology.

What You Get (Briefly)

When you support my work through Patreon at the lowest funding level, you receive my monthly crochet newsletter which includes original writing and interviews about the health benefits of crafting, creative inspiration, information about things I'm loving in crochet, occasional product discounts and helpful craft tutorials centered on using crochet to improve your life.

At a higher funding level there is a special themed monthly crochet newsletter that provides creative exercises for working through different challenges and areas of growth. This is an outgrowth of my book Hook to Heal, all about using creativity to improve our lives. People at higher funding levels can also access my creative support services via both newsletters and personal interaction. This is where I put my psychology education and creative experience to use in helping individuals who want to work on personal growth through crafting.

Readers can choose the $30 / month option to receive all of my books.

NEW: Starting in 2018, I have launched an exciting new newsletter about creative collaboration, which people can access at just a slightly higher funding level. This will share interviews, stories, research and resources about people working creatively together in all kinds of business but with attention to art / craft / making.

Learn more from the "rewards" section of Patreon. Read on here to learn more about my work and why you might want to support what I do.

Why Give Me Your Monthly Support

  • You're supporting a true indie author and blogger. I am committed to high-quality self-publishing online and in print. The more time I devote to it, the better it's getting.
  • You're helping a survivor of chronic mental health issues. I have struggled with depression for most of my life, and I have worked hard to find a way to remain a creative, productive individual who contributes to my society. Creative, community-building writing is how I do that.
  • You're supporting the wider craft community by allowing me to continue sharing and supporting their work across social media and in my writing.
  • I'm no fly-by-night writer. Sometimes you don't know if you should fund someone independent because you don't know if they'll really keep creating. I've been self-employed as a writer for the better part of two decades, and my body of work continues growing and developing.
  • You'll play an important role in taking my writing work to the next level. Less time focused on raising funds means more time devoted to the true art of writing and connecting community together.
  • You'll be helping me to help others. As we reach milestones in this community, I donate my work to others.

How The Money Helps

The funding allows:

  • Creative and emotional space to be able to take the work to the next level. I continually work to take my writing to the next level. My work has included books that I hope have helped others (Crochet Saved My Life and Hook to Heal), the Mandalas for Marinke depression awareness project (now a book!). Thanks to the support here, I have been able to  to offering workshops and online creativity support services. Doing this kind of intensive creative work requires some time to just create. Chasing money to pay the bills each month inhibits this work. Funding directly supports its creation.
  • Time to delve deeper into research to bring you fresh, new, interesting interviews and information about the health benefits of crafting and how to access those benefits. - and in 2018 also about creative collaboration and how to benefit from it whether you work with someone or on your own.
  • Creation of new content that is shared in the monthly Patreon newsletters and beyond. I also write for several websites and magazines and usually have a book project in the works; your funding helps make those things happen.
  • Continued self-care and mental health care; this allows me to create and also to give my best self to others to support them in their craft work.
  • Note that you can see in my "goals" what the money goes in terms of my specific spending. At each goal level, I also offer donations of my books to charity (generally to mental health organizations) and at higher goals I also offer scholarships to my creativity support program.

Artistic Tithing

One of the things that I've written about in my book Hook to Heal is the concept of "artistic tithing" which I got from someone else and it resonated with me immediately. It's the idea that you commit a certain amount of your money to support the art and artists that you love. You might use it to buy indie dyed yarn. You might use it to order handcrafted items from crafters who work in a different medium than you. You might spend it all on gifts at a local craft fair. Or you might choose to spend it supporting work like mine! Please know that I'll work hard to pay it forward with heartfelt, community-supportive work. Any bit you can offer is so thoroughly appreciated.
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I will also donate two books per month to charity at this funding level.
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