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About Kyle Hancharick

I have been making music steadily since I was a kid, writing songs and playing concerts. And I wanna continue to do so. But in order to do it, I’m gonna need some help.

I make music for a living, and it is my only source of income. A bulk of it comes from live shows and at-show album sales, but like a lot of aspects of the music industry, that's not enough. So I'm trying to create a separate branch of my music via the internet, specifically YouTube. That is why I turned to Patreon.

The money that you give will go directly back into the music. Production costs, licensing, new video and audio gear, etc. Whatever's left will go toward living expenses.

And you are ALSO going to support the production of bigger projects, including original music released outside the realm of YouTube, including the newly released "Before And After" album.
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EXCLUSIVE EP: I will release a 3-song Download-only EP of unreleased material, exclusively to Patrons.
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