Kyle Of Asgard

is creating Costumes, weapons, props, tools, furnature and more!!!

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Thank you for your support, Though a dollar doesn't seem like much on its own, it all ads up to help me make more content for you and other supporters!

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Thank you so much for supporting the $5, this will help me to maintain materials and supplies in the workshop, allowing me to act on impulse or request when it comes to new builds!!


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Bringing things from video games and movies to real life is something I have done for most of my life, now what I want to do is teach others how to do exactly the same, its been some time in the making, but I now have the time to make content to share that knowledge with those who want it!!

Please let me know what you would like to see me make on my Youtube channel, and if you can, support me on patreon to help keep the momentum with more projects, how-to's, plans, 3d models, and hopefully giveaways!!!!
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