Kyle Simukka

is creating a documentary film about motorcycle road-racing.

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About the Filmmaker

"Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination," 

I often find myself reflecting on life, the successes, the failures and also imagine what the future could bring. I see many doors, opportunities, and scenarios unfold in my future. But the common theme among them is that I’m creating, supporting, and investing in many great things for humanity, nature, and the environment around me.

In all my experiences, I had many excellent mentors, teachers, colleagues, and clients who all taught me many valuable lessons. I attribute my success to their teachings and wisdom.

Computers, cameras, sound, music, and film have been a significant part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are "fixing" a computer, a TV, a camcorder, a cassette player, a stereo, a vacuum, and a drill. Yes, some of those items had no defects, but that never stopped me from exploring the unknown. Because of my internal drive, I have taught myself the majority of my skills, knowledge, abilities and all the while embracing failure as a method of learning. With that mindset, I'm able to invent, build, and fix almost any idea that comes to mind.

Currently, I'm a software engineer in the video broadcast industry and have been at the forefront of distributing content to multi-screen devices. I also serve on the Design and Landmarks Committee for the City of Milwaukie, Oregon. And I'm a volunteer, investor, and supporter of local farmers, ranchers, and small businesses here in Oregon. I have a background in various trades and professions, including live sound engineering, studio engineering, studio management, producing, directing, and filmmaking.

My name is Kyle Simukka and I'm an aspiring independent documentary filmmaker.

It is with my greatest excitement, that I share with you my progress as I produce an independent documentary feature film about Motorcycle Road-Racing in Portland, Oregon.

By supporting me on Patron, you will be immersed in my reality as I learn, fail, and create an independent documentary film. As a Patreon, you will be helping me to reach various goals that will go towards the completion of this project. All funds received from my patrons will be invested wisely into the production, post-production, and distribution of this independent film. Each dollar will be used wisely, responsible, and purposefully. My goal with Patreon is to create a community of patrons that support my intentions with creating an independent documentary film. My primary intention with Patreon is to ask for your feedback, thoughts, concerns, or questions.

We need more films that value people, nature, and the environment over profit. Films that invest back into people, nature, and the environment with equal or more resources. Films that are an original creation that respect the cinematic experience. Films that speak genuine, honest, and inspirational truths. Films that are viewable by anyone, anywhere. It's my opinion that independent filmmakers can achieve these goals while still being able to support themselves and their family.

Filmmakers should be empowered to create authentic and inspiring content that invests in people's lives. They should foster discussions by using the theater to start conversations. They value the emotional experience that connects us as humans. People should feel like they have gained something by watching cinematic films and view the time spent watching it is an investment. A studio that is independent can provide the time, knowledge, and resources to allow filmmakers to produce cinematic experiences that will help through the challenges ahead.

Thank you
, for taking the time to entertain the thought of being my Patron, and for reading my letter to you.

Please reach out to me if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns.

The cover image was taken by Bob Edwards (
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I have big ambitions, and it's a challenge for me to accurately describe the time, energy, and resources that I've already invested. 

I see it as a challenge for me to find 30 Patrons who support the vision that I have. Mostly because it will require me to refine my message to reach those people, but when I do, I want to share the operating plan for the next five years. I want to also share a trailer for the current full-length documentary project that is currently being produced.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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