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is creating the "Kyle Wall Experience" and "Archive Enrichment Center"
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About Kyle Wall

Hi there, I'm Kyle Wall

I make lots of things for the internet, and have over the past few years. Recently, I created the horror security camera webseries Archive Enrichment Center. The series follows Arin Fischer, and his strange distorted life told through a series of security cameras.

This Patreon is here if you'd like to support me in making more AEC and various other projects that I have planned. Patreon is a very easy way to support creators directly and receive something in return. It allows me to reward you with different things depending on how much you give each month.

This Patreon is also a way to help me be able to create more things outside of AEC. I have a few surprises up our sleeves! 

Thank you for contributing, and even if you don't, I hope you stay and watch what's to come!

-Love, Kyle
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Better Equipment!
Currently, my equipment setup isn't the greatest. I rely heavily on borrowing things from my A/V club and various friends. With 500 a month, I'd slowly be able to replace pieces of equipment to make even RADDER stuff!
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