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About Kyle Wilson

  If these photos have a mission, it is to capture the beauty in everyday objects, the simplicity of rarely viewed scenes and present them in a unique way.
  It may be a rusted old truck or the dark interior of an abandoned farmhouse. Whatever the location, if I have done my job properly the image will make you wonder about the story behind the photograph. Why was this home abandoned? What happened here? My wish is to have the viewer see the allure in everyday items, whether it is an old mailbox, a forgotten bicycle, or a country church. My technique is primarily HDR photography, a method that captures all available light. I take multiple exposures of the same scene and then I blend the exposures to create the final photograph.

I edit all the photos myself; afterwards I have them printed in a local lab. I then number, sign, mat and frame all photographs myself. I use NO assistants in this entire process. I touch every photo from beginning to end.
(I only recently fell back in love with photography (~2012). This love coincided with my discovery of HDR and my move to the country. I find the HDR process extremely creative & invigorating and it suits my subject matter perfectly. I thoroughly enjoy getting out into the public to talk about my passion and the share my photos of what I find).
 Left Behind photography by Kyle Wilson is based in Clayton, North Carolina and has been photographing everyday beauty since 2012. I did my first Art show, reluctantly, in August of 2013. My  dear girlfriend pushed me to do it, she really believes in me! I didn't sell much that first show, but I got tons of compliments. People seemed to connect with my photography since day one. After that I was hooked on doing these Art shows.
   I was recently laid off from my full-time job in I.T. so I have been doing only my photography since November of 2015. So I have taken on a lot more shows, bigger shows, and more out-of-state shows. As such I have incurred a lot more expenses that go with this kind of 'life on the road'. 
$32 of $1,275 per month

   I am in desperate need of funds to pay for my upcoming shows. The booth fees need to be paid months in advance of the shows. Without the money for these both fees, Left Behind will cease to exist I am afraid.

    I am also desirous for upgrades to my booth! My design has lasted me this far but I feel it is now holding me back from getting into the more prestigious shows. A judge recently made that comment to me and suggested I go with the 'Pro Panel' display that most artists use, but that I 'keep it rustic' by adding rural and rustic elements.
  I feel my booth design my be keeping me from getting into the more prestigious shows. I also need to find a better solution to transporting my frames and metals to and from shows, but I lack the funds to implement these upgrades. 


Kyle Wilson 
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