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I'd just like to thank everyone who has supported us so far!

I'm working on a massive mental mastery (mental health) documentary over the course of a decade. We want to do something right now so we post all of the content we shoot directly to YouTube.

We're focusing on everything OUTSIDE of the mainstream. You can follow the entire documentary making process and even contribute to it's direction by engaging with us right here as we continue.

You can also support us by making a Teespring purchase.

Tag @KyLives in your content on Instagram if you do!

I'm always going to do my best with what I have. With more patrons I will be able to focus more of my time on this project.

I would like to travel around the country to expand our horizons and record content with a broader range of guests.

I'd like to support a lot more projects that have the potential to really change lives.

I want to organise events and invite some of the amazing people we've worked with to share their stories and what they have to offer the world.

I'm studying as well. Eventually, I'd like to create a space where we can facilitate healing experiences using all of the incredible knowledge we acquired on the journey.
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