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About kyoshich

Hi! I'm Kyoshich and I’m a freelance artist who loves drawing fanart.
I’m also obsessed with creating new worlds and original characters.
Most of my art can be found on virink | tumblr

Drawing is the only source of my income these days, and supporting me you help me to continue creating what I love and help me support my family.
I'll be sharing my art via Patreon before anywhere else. On top of that, I'll be creating step-by-step process gifs, WIPs, sketches and time lapse videos whenever possible.

My main interest right now is creating some original illustrations and fanart drawings of Overwatch, Voltron, mob100, GF and many others.

Every month a bundle of high resolution work is shared via zip file.
More support helps me open and create different content and rewards.
With your support I will be able to spend more time creating art.
Thank you so much for supporting me! <3

$0 of $250 per month
this helps cover a chunk of my necessities, which allows me even more freedom to make the art!
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