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About Labelschmiede

About me? Oh... hmmm... I am realy not good with words, I am better with pictures and art. But let me try... 

During a very hard time (my child had cancer... and he survived but I wasn`t able to work in my office job during that time)  I started working with a small business as a (erotic) photographer many years ago, had quite a few exhibitions in my country. But somehow I was always broke *lol 

To change that, some nice lady gave me the chance to work in the textile design business and well, I obviously did well.

Since that day, I have discovered my passion for creating new things, arts, worlds of imagination. I loveeee books! and the story in each one of them. Therefore, I like contests too because it gives me a huge variety of different storys and the chance to create covers. A picture to the words, words that have been written for ages and with many thoughts by the author. The kind of covers that makes the author proud. The kind of covers that make me proud.It is a small family celebration here each time I win a contest and every time I end up second place, I have my awesome  supporting kids that tell me to keep going...and that`s what I am doing.