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Two dudes who have played a lot of videogames, but somehow not a lot of Kingdom Hearts, decide to play through the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series, or at least the PS4 versions. Will they make it? Do they even like it? What even is the deal with Micky Mouse in these games? Find out this and more at or @LabWorlds.

Your hosts:
  • Chris Pinner (@boojiboy7) is a guy who plays too many games that he never finishes. Chris also occassionally also records the show Hinge Problems with his friend (and future Labyrinth of Worlds guest) Rudie Overton. Due to Rudie's fandom of this silly series, Chris got it in his head that he should play Kingdom Hearts.
  • Ryan Brady-Toomey (@bradytoomey) has finished more RPGs that Chris has even started, but somehow never finished a KH game. Ryan also was far too willing to embark on this quest with Chris, or far to willing to break kayfabe long enough to duck out of the joke.

We already have several episodes done, and have no plans to start charging on a per episode basis, as this is a fun project for us both. That being said, servers cost money, so if anyone wants to chip in, we would gladly appreciate it. Thanks for even thinking about it.

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