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About Kathy d. Clark

I'm Kathy d. Clark, the artist behind Lace & Whimsy Studio. I’m a self-taught illustrator and digital creative. You can find me on laceandwhimsy.com, selling stickers, enamel pins, & other magical goodies made from my original illustrations. My art is very feminine and self-indulgent, often featuring celestial motifs, pastels, magical witchy vibes, and vintage elements. I hope my work inspires you to play and create more, and to live a more whimsical life. 

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To all of you who have been following my work, have shared my content, or offered kind words of encouragement -- you are already supporting me and I cherish every one of you! I hope to be able to keep on creating and inspiring. Your support helps make that a reality for me while allowing me to connect more intimately with you. Thank you!!

Questions? Please contact me ([email protected]) or message me here on Patreon and I'll be happy to help you. xo

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