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A hat made of one of the yarns featured on my Patreon site.
Step into the Story
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You may request a custom yarn to be designed and  receive 2 skeins of that particular yarn. You also become a part of the story of that yarn as I work with you to create a yarn that captures what you desire.
Wrapped in the Story
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I will custom design a yarn for you and make a custom hat and scarf set for you. And you become part of the story at every step.




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About Deb

All art is communication and the better the art the more it communicates no matter what kind of artist you are. Join me as I tell the stories that I try to bring to life through the fiber arts of spinning, knitting, crochet, lacework, embroidery and eventually combinations thereof that are only in the planning stage at the moment. A story can be told in the most surprising ways. Through a skein of yarn, the design of a hat or a scarf; through lace and fabrics and braids and embroidery.

Become a patron and learn the details of how I weave the fibers of stories into the fibers, threads and fabrics that I use to create unique examples of the fiber arts. People may buy my products but only my Patrons will know the stories that are as much a part of them as the fibers they are made of.

And only my Patron will be able to see the journey I take as an artist and a woman whose PTSD and agoraphobia have kept me from joining the workforce. Hopefully the end will be that this artist becomes independent and perhaps is even able to establish a storefront of her own. But we don’t know yet, all I have right now is hope and the determination to take what skills I have or can learn to create beautiful stories in the strangest of ways.

But the only ones who will ever know the entire story, every episode of this journey, who can even become woven into the story themselves are my gracious Patrons. Come join the weaving of the story of how stories can be told without words!
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With this much income I will be able to set up as a wholesaler for fiber and have better access to fiber at a lower price. This will ease the burden on my family and give me a wider range of products to experiment in. Also I will be able to invest in much needed equipment to give myself more creative flexibility.
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