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Hello everyone. My name is Laci, my strong passion are e-bikes, or electric motors in general, as they are maintenance-free, help you to avoid extreme exhaustion, that may occur with bicycles. Last summer I've done a return trip from Slovakia to Morocco on e-bike, almost 11 000 km. I had many doubts about the motor, but it went very well. It was an awesome experience, but I don't want to stop there. Within few weeks, Early March 2018, I'm starting another trip from Slovakia through Asia, hopefully ending in Australia, but my budget will probably end, not sure where yet, and that's the thing that worries me a little bit. This time I am thinking to bring a camera with me, and share with you my experiences of the trip as I go. My other great passions are dancing and plant based food. I would love to share anything that comes around on the way, I never did this thing, so I was thinking it would be great to share my experiences as an exchange for some help from you all. 

If this thing ever starts, or keeps on going, after Australia, let's go whole America from bottom to up, and then Africa. Help me explore, I'll share my experiences.

Lets try this. Thank you for reading this. One love.
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50% from pledges will go to help people/beings in need, that I randomly meet on my way. 50% will go to my needs. I will share with you those moments. One love
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