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About Lacy Rey

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I create immersive fantasy worlds complete with short stories--and tons of other extras--and then release them for free each month.

Why Immersive Worlds?
As a kid I would spend days daydreaming about the story world I’d most recently read. I’d create new characters, new plot lines, and would add in any details about the world that seemed to fit best. Since becoming an author myself I’ve dreamed of creating my own worlds where readers could not only come up with their own details, but also where they could find extra content I’d created (the expansive world aspect is one of the things I like about games like World of Warcraft). With the rise of the Internet, it’s now possible to expand on a story or world beyond what fits in a paperback. :)

Your Support
I'll continue to create and release fantasy stories throughout each month on my own, but with your support I can afford to spend even more time doing so--my dream is to eventually work on these worlds full time, creating even more stories and extras (maps, paper dolls, zines, encyclopedias, resource guides, original music, and alternative story formats like comics or photo sets).

By becoming a Patron you gain access and influence. You’ll get things like access to private channels on my discord server, chances to influence stories through suggestions and voting, collaboration opportunities, special publications, alternative endings, raw story drafts; and other fun perks each month.

Getting Started
If you're new and want to see what sort of stories I write, you can check out my portfolio site, By Lacy Rey, and also look below to see what I’m currently working on.

You can also feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Project Details
Below are a few details about particular longer term projects I'm working on. There won't always be a lot in this section, but most of the time there is something larger that I'm striving to accomplish.

The Tiger’s Whisker - After retiring from the battlefield, a soldier struggles to find a new purpose in life until she discovers time traveling watches and embarks on a journey to heal her past.

This story combines three distinct inspirations I came across in close succession. First was a folktale of the same name, which serves as the foundation for the theme of the story--taming inner tigers--as well as for the main character. After reading the folktale, I happened to watch Monsta X’s music video for Dramarama, and then right after that, quite literally, I saw Monsta X’s rapper Jooheon hypnotized on a variety show. Apparently he was a circus tiger in a past life. His remembrances fit the other two occurrences so well that a story leapt into life.

I’m writing this story as what I’m calling a seasonal novella. It is in the plotting/prep phase until Sept 22, when it moves into the writing phase, and will be completed by December 21. Release date is a tentative late January. Patrons will get sneak peeks and other goodies along the way. 

{credits: the image in the header is commissioned work done by SeiSei, and the art in my profile picture and at the top of this post were commissioned from Shirotsuki (aka Allie Strom). check out their other work through the links because they're both amazing!}
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