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I started Ladies Making Comics while in law school in November of 2010. From a simple tumblr made on an impulse, it grew into a wikia physical library, and a multi-platform up-to-the-minute resource of what remarkable things amazing women were doing in comics.

Then, just as I was hitting my stride, I had to slow it down.

I had graduated from law school, started a whole other job, and found myself moving every summer for three years straight. Blogging had to take a backseat, then be put on ice. And then, once I had finally settled down geographically, I decided to throw my career into upheaval: I was ready to take the bar exam and actually become a lawyer. After a lot of studying (and even more paperwork, it feels like) that finally became a reality in July 2017.

But I've never stopped loving comics, the people who make them, or their wild and crazy history. There's so much about comics I want to keep discovering and sharing. At the same time, I'm still job hunting for my first real lawyer job while working full-time at my current job. While I've frequently imagined my triumphant return to comics blogging! with a great splash and much fanfare, I've concluded that, nah, I'll just start doing things again.

What things, you may ask? Well, getting back in the habit of researching for the wiki and acquiring and cataloging materials for the library, for one thing. Finally debuting a brand-new project, restoring the comics of public domain action heroine Betty Bates: Lady-at-Law that I've been working on sporadically for the past year and a half, for another. (see the first page and find out more at the lady-at-law tumblr!) As for actual blogging? I'm still trying to hammer out what that's going to look like-- reviews and creator profiles most likely, maybe some kind of column format. That's where you come in.

I've set up this Patreon to be pay-per-post both to motivate me to keep posting regularly and to be fair to my readers if I don't. I'm keeping the reward thresholds low, so even keeping up with my current posting plans doesn't break your bank. So, to help you figure out how much (if any) you want to pledge, here's the rough schedule I'm planning on:
  • A new restored Betty Bates page every Friday
  • A review/creator profile/column on LMC proper the other Fridays
  • A weekly links highlight round-up posted every Monday
  • Plus a bonus (unpaid) round-up of all the links not included in the main one for $3-tier patrons
  • And a monthly behind-the-scenes vlog for $4-tier patrons.

That's it. To translate that into monthly terms:
  • $1 pledge = $8 a month
  • $2 pledge = $16 a month
  • $3 pledge = $24 a month
  • $4 pledge = $32 a month
  • $5 pledge = $40 a month

And of course, if I don't stick to the schedule, you won't pay as much. I'm committed to doing this, but life happens. It's better for everyone if you don't feel like your pledge is wasted just because I get sick one week, or have to put in extra hours at the office another week. Also, if the tiers or schedule ever change, you'll get plenty of notice to adjust your pledge.

ETA (January 2019):
You may have noticed I basically never did any of the planned stuff above (see, that's why I only charge per post). I'm going to leave it all there as unofficial goals until I change my mind on what my actual goals are, which is likely to be soon. I've also removed all reward tiers above $2 until I figure out those too, especially since I am currently migrating the site from Tumblr to Wordpress. Stay tuned…
$1 of $780 per post
Quit my job and do this full-time.
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