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About LaDollyvita333

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

My name's Siobhan, and I'm a professional freelance hairdresser from New York City. I've been making DIY tutorials on youtube for the last seven years, and it's been one of the coolest journeys I've taken thus far! Not only has it connected me with awesome friends from all over the globe, its also allowed me to teach others the techniques that I've always been so incredibly passionate about.

My content is primarily hairstyling tutorials, with an emphasis on "cosplay" and "fantasy" styles. The objective has always been to demonstrate that we CAN recreate the glamorous braids and curls we see on our favorite characters, while embracing the idea that its ok to be, feel and think outside of the typical beauty trends.

Aside from the tutorials themselves, I also provide my viewers with general haircare "hacks & tips," as well as actual crafts, like crownshead pieces and various additional adornments. 

My start on youtube was rocky, to say the least. In the beginning I knew nothing of content creation, sound, editing or lighting. All I had was a small flip camera and the desire to befriend, and network, with like minded hair and cosplay enthusiasts from around the world. In this regard, I've been extremely successful, and the relationships I've built, have and continue to be, priceless!
Through practice and experimentation, and with the supportive encouragement of my amazing subscribers, I've come to a place where my videos are the best they've ever been. I'm currently working with a new microphone, camera, lights and backdrop. Every hairstyle I put forward is rehearsed at least twice, all products and tools are researched at length, and every script is written with sincere care and thought. The prep can take me somewhere between two and four days, depending on the project. Filming can extend anywhere from three to five hours, and editing will sometimes take me somewhere from 12-72 hours.

It's my hope that in describing my process, I've demonstrated how genuinely devoted I am to my craft, and my audience. 
My content is, and always will be, free. This won't ever change. However, by pledging to my patreon you are not only helping to support future content, you're gifting me with the means of continuing to improve it! As of right now, I'm working towards purchasing new editing software.
In addition to the technical gear, donations will also sustain some of the smaller things that I use regularly, like hair products, tools and artistic supplies. 

I tend to upload once a week on Fridays, but occasionally and if time allows, I'll put up a second video. Because of this, I've set my patreon account to a "once a month" donation. I didn't feel it would be fair to ask for a pledge every time I put out new content, especially if that happened more then once in a week.
No contribution is too small! Even a dollar is incredibly generous and sincerely appreciated!

I've got several incentives set up for now and you can check them all out in the side bar to hear more about them!
Its very likely that I'll continue to add to them, and when I do, I'll make sure that all my patrons are made aware.

Thank you so much for coming past my page and giving me your time! As I always say, have fun, and keep braiding!

Lots of Love, Siobhan

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At 25 dollars I can replenish my supply of ribbons and art supplies! I'm running a little low, and trying to prepare for various upcoming cosplays.
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