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I will try to hold hangout time every week in the Patreon only Voice Channel.

A Good Doggo!
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(This isn't any different from the $1 Tier. There isn't anything special about it. Weird flex, but okay?)




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About LadyBeemer


 My name is Beemer! 

 I love Drawing, and enjoy making: Storytime Videos, Animatics, SpeedPaints, Gaming Videos, and other silly things on YouTube.
Sometimes I Stream on Twitch and take Art Requests! ❀
❀ Any money I make here will go towards my family, my dog Clover and my cat Maple, groceries, monthly bills, and my medication, ❀

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I can live peacefully and not cry about not having groceries. Maybe I could even afford Netflix? Can you imagine? 
And my anti-depressant meds every month?? Consistently?? WOW..................................................
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