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Hello! Thank you for stopping by! Alrighty a quick story about us:)

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Arizona in 2018 to go to college. But... there is a twist to it! We decided to go in a van! We both love adventures and go on exploring random nearby hike trails quite frequently and decided that the van life was the best fit for us.

We bought the van, Black Bessie with some help of the family for $1500 with nothing but squeaky chairs,a dysfunctional engine, deteriorating walls, and rusty floors. It was truly love at first sight! We saw so much potential in that van since we could have a clean slate to work on and fit to our needs.

Now, since living in a van is so rare, we wanted to share our experience with the world. Youtube was an option but it did not quite fit our schedule to be spending hours at a time shooting and editing videos. Then, I discovered Twitch and began using that as a gaming stream and realized that I was not going to be able to stream games once we move into the van! Until I realized that it was a perfect moment to transform my stream to a van stream! Especially when building the van! Both of us will take our followers along to experience the van life along with us! 

With that said, thank you for your support in helping this project come to life!<3
$9 of $200 per creation
Getting Black Bessie a new engine! Bae and I have $1,300 saved up at the moment and it is $1,500 in total to pay the mechanic!:D almost there! We are getting closerrr!!!
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