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About Lainie Lenertz

Here is my biographical information
Noted for her wild performance style and acerbic wit, Lainie is a featured performer at the Chicago Laugh Factory and a senior producer of Chicago's female-curated Hoo Ha Comedy. She recently recorded her debut album, "Good Girl, Bad Year," with Stand Up! Records and is the host of her own podcast, "It's Lainie," with Jazzfuzz Productions. 

Lainie performs at comedy clubs and festivals across the nation. She is an experienced showcase producer and runs a 1,500 person comedy mailing list in Chicago offering free entry tickets to comedy fans. In the 2018 she ran a weekly show at at The Laugh Factory entitled, "Top Ten Tuesdays,."

Here is why
I love connecting comedy audiences with independent showcases. I love performing comedy everywhere. I love creating amazing shows in Chicago and connecting artists with new collaborators. 

I don't get paid to do most of this stuff so if you want me to keep sending free comedy tickets, making shows, and connecting awesome performers with audiences and comics alike then let me know here on my Patreon. 

If you like the shit I make and/or if you want to see more awesome stuff in the future - anything helps. $1 a month, a funny video of a baby sneezing, a video of your favorite joke of all time... I'd love to see it all. I can't wait to keep makin stuff.

Lainie Lenertz

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