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About Laurie Stiers-Foltz
The Woman, The Canoe and The Wind is a re-telling of Hemingway's "The Old Man and The Sea" from another point of view. Instead of an isolated man in an epic battle with forces of Nature, this is the story of one woman in ongoing intimate relationship with the natural world, incorporating many generations and a layering of past and present, male and female, young and old, humans and other living things.
The life story of Oma begins on the river. She is teaching her 5 year old granddaughter Pipa (so named because she is like the sandpipers that run around poking into things and making little chatters and peeps) about plants to harvest. Oma goes out on the river almost every day, in the canoe Opa made for her long ago, when they were first courting..
When Oma is very old, after Opa has died, she ventures out onto the big river in her canoe, in the late Autumn. The Wind comes up suddenly and is very cold. She bargains for her life by singing, first a song that Opa sang to her about true lovers meeting. The Wind is not impressed. Then she sings a chorus of muskrats, otters, turtles, beavers, lotuses and toes in the mud and water. The Wind is rather smitten but still freezes and rages. In desperation Oma is inspired, she sings the songs of the gulls, cranes, eagles, cardinals, robins, kingfishers and blackbirds in the rushing Wind. Her voice soars and swoops and she almost forgets her peril in the joy of expressing her love for the bird and river songs.
Then something happens, but I will not say what just yet!

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Thanking you all already for the inspiration! I would like to learn more about orchestration, music composition, as well as learn about 2D and 3D and stop motion animation, as well as internet publishing. And I would like to take courses or have tutoring (beyond internet videos) to learn about multitrack recording and mixing. These areas of learning would help me finish my musical story. The income would help me work my "day job" a little less, and properly pay the artists and teachers I would learn from.
When I reach my financial goal I will share more of the musical arrangements and videos I am making. Thank you again! 

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