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LaMay Day was created as an outlet to express love and admiration for talented individuals in the creative and artistic realms. These artists through determination and faith have not only fought for the opportunity to share their craft with the world, but have also offered their passion as a form of expression representing the voices of the people. Rather than exploiting the aptitude of creatives, the mission is to commemorate and acknowledge their unique journey to discovering their purpose. Having launched in May of 2015, LaMay Day has had 2 successful events promoting the arts and positivity within the creative and tastemaker community in Los Angeles but already has plans to grow and is gearing up for a syndicated monthly concert series as well as original content that will be filtered through an up and coming independent artist platform application. LaMay Day's work load has become consistent and costly, any financial assistance will allow the outlet to flourish and continue giving back to the artist community.
$24 of $2,000 per month
Will be holding annual an event/awards ceramony  in May celebrating the site as well as the participants in the local arts and performance community. Funding will go towards costs of venue and additional necessities.
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