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Wow thank you for your support! At this tier I'll invite you to my patrons discord where I answer questions and give early access to any news! I'll also send you one high res illustration per month of your choosing. You can use it as a wallpaper or just keep it tucked away.

Shiba Tiraminu
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Nice! At this tier you get everything in the previous tier plus access to my full feed. This includes WIPs, sketches, warm ups, and process videos.

Cinnamon Bull Terrier
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Ahh! Okay at this tier you get all the good stuff listed previously, but instead of one wallpaper you'll receive images of all my finished illustrations for the month. I'll even throw in a digital doodle of a character you request.




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My name is Sami, and I've been drawing ever since I was little. It's always been a goal of mine to make a living doing something I love, but coming out of high school I immediately resigned myself to a steady, unsatisfying job. I told myself I wasn't good enough to even try. I've decided to take the first step, and I'm working on getting myself out there. I'll likely never be satisfied with my own artwork, but what artist is? Seeing other people enjoy the work I create is all the motivation I need to keep trying. Any form of support is welcome and appreciated! Thanks for checking out my art!
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When I reach $200 a month I'll be able to launch a new enamel pin!
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