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In short - we're providing a brick-and-mortar canvass for the community to come bring their magic to life. Whether painters, dancers, musicians, actors, yogis, poets, philosophers, prophets... our goal is to create space for all like-minded folks to come and express full range what it means to be human.

we're a cafe, bookshop, revolving art gallery, studio, music venue, performance space, meditation and yoga center, classroom, event's space, community center primed for exploration and collaboration, incubator of ideas, and all-around meeting place for minds to gather, explore, express, inspire, and, most importantly: fearlessly, lovingly, compassionately Be. As we are. Where we are.

We're a new creative communal art's space in up-and-coming downtown Ypsilanti called lampshade. Our goal is to mindfully fuse commodity and community. While lampshade is immense with potential and intent - the concept is simple: give back in equal measure to what you get. Not all things are monetary. This is the basic principle of our abundance paradigm: align actions and intentions with an abundant mentality, free from pesky roots watered in fear, lack, ego, and competition - and watch the flower grow. There is always enough. Enough love, enough art, enough resource, enough community, enough God. We need only properly align intentions and lead from our Highest Self's greatest place of good.

We have several community initiatives, including collaborations with local art's groups, schools, and nonprofits to build a rich, diverse, compelling calendar of events and classes. In addition to two daily class offerings from 12p-1p and 3p-4p, we will also have a nightly roster of events from live music, dance, and theatre, to open mics, comedy, drag, round tables, art nights, book clubs, sound healing, Ted-level talks, and a deep exploration of all things under the sun from politics and philosophy to getting silly with costumes and playing adult make believe.
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