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Help fund my channel and revolutionize and revitalize our 2nd Amendment!  "Email me an idea and I'll put it into my drawing for a video!

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I am a Firearms Instructor.  It is my passion to teach people how to embrace their second amendment rights safely, effectively, and responsibly.  I make YouTube videos showing what bullets can do to everyday things, gun safety, gun anatomy, free shooting tips, philosophies.  I create all my videos to educate the current and next generation on everything firearms.  
I would use the support from my Patrons to fund more interesting and involved videos.  These videos are expensive to produce, and I would love the support in the Patreon community!  The more support that I can gain, the more education that I can produce.  Please support me, and allow me to produce more education and awesome videos!  Thank you for your time.

-Braden Langley
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If I can get 2000 Patrons, I will be able to get even bigger, better, and more epic guns!  This will make my videos even bigger and better!  With your help, WE can create the best YouTube Channel that has existed... EVER!
-Braden Langley
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