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Thank you so much for being here! 

This is the Languages through Music dream, the goal, the journey, the adventure...!

My name is Desta. I'm crazy about languages and, with your help, want to create tons of great resources, eBooks, workshops, and online classes for anybody & everybody to learn Languages through Music! In my 15+ years as a language teacher/professional musician, and in my own experience of language learning, I've seen how powerful music is as a language learning tool! 

Why learn a language? & why through music? 

It's fun!
You learn not just language but about history, culture, different artists & styles
It's a zero-stress way to improve pronunciation & fluency 
It's accessible! A lot of languages don't have a ton of apps, textbooks, websites for learners... but everyone has MUSIC!
It's quick-- on average students take away 50 new words/phrases per 45 minute session
Music taps into our memory like nothing else! 
Music often uses a lot of repetition, like a chorus coming back 
Music often uses THE most popular words, phrases, sayings... 
Learning another language gives you confidence
Learning another languages can give you insight into your own language
You can make more friends! 
You open yourself up to richer travel experiences
Job opportunities


Created many more eBooks & playlists for
Regular online & private classes online
Build & improve online courses like Udemy

Please see the FB page for more info & testimonials!! 

Languages Through Music has revolutionised language learning for me. It has revealed to me the fantastic pedagogical power of an art form that so many people engage with on a daily basis. Using the hooks, rhymes, and themes of *terrific* songs in Portuguese allows you to absorb new vocabulary and linguistic structures in a way that feels totally natural. I think people are often put off learning new languages because of the commitment and effort that it takes. Learning a language through 'Languages Through Music' makes the endeavour of learning a new language a lot less daunting and a lot more accessible! Would definitely recommend!  (Rose C)
Language through music is definitely a must if you want to learn a new language! It's a different way of learning a new language, but easy, fun and also very effective. You're not only learning new words and how to pronounce them, but you're also getting some insight about the culture, the artists and you'll receive some guidelines to help you memorise the language without any pressure from anyone. Desta is amazing! She's patient, she explains what you need to know and provides you with the right tools to facilitate your learning process. Furthermore, her choice of music is very well chosen, basically perfect. Obrigada, Desta! (Veronica A.)
Languages through music, where do I start? If you are considering doing this then whatever is holding you back, put it aside. You will not regret it. So far, in two sessions I have learnt some very key Portuguese words and phrases and been introduced to some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Being able to learn in the comfort of my own home has been a treat after a long day at work. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and hope to continue until I am fluent enough to travel with confidence. Obrigada! (Zoe W.) 
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