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Your support is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for supporting me and cheering me on! You will get access to previews of my upcoming works as well as be able to participate in streaming sessions and monthly polls!
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Again, thank you for the support! You will receive all benefits from previous tiers, as well as receive a zip of sketches delivered directly to your Patreon messenger!
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Whoaaaa you da bes! You will get the benefits of my previous tiers as well as step-by-step still shots of my finished works!




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About Lani Brew

Hello everyone!

My name is Lani Brew, an artist that specializes in the Japanese style art, or "anime" as it is very often referred to, and I've very recently worked up the courage to become a creator here on Patreon for many a reason. One of those reasons simply being - I want to create and share my art with people around the world in the hope to continue doing what I love all the time while being self-sustaining. Secondly, to share my ideas and visions with you!

My ultimate goal is to work at Pixar (hey, I can dream big!) or to work with a game/app company for character design. There is nothing more that I like doing than thinking up relatable and lovable characters in my spare time, and I hope that through this endeavor I am able to establish a comic of my very own. Ah but baby steps first, I do tend to get carried away with all the big plans I have. First I will need funding, and I very well couldn't do that without support. Here's to you all, I truly appreciate your time for reading this in its entirety!

What's in a bundle?
I'm very glad you asked! Each month, a bundle will consist of these items:
  • 2-3 sketch pages
  • 1 WIP or "work in progress"
  • 1 finished, fully colored piece ($10 tier or above!)
A $120 value for much less!

Patrons in the $10 tier and above will also receive:
  • High resolution pictures of the bundle above
  • Step-by-step still shots of the finished piece
  • For $15 Patrons - PSD of the finished piece so you can see how my work is layered!

When will I be billed?
Patreon automatically bills each patron on the 1st of every month. Your rewards will be sent out once I have received payment! This is to ensure that people do not back out on rewards just before the date and get goods for free. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!
The first cycle along with rewards will go out 7/1/2016!

I'm in a tier that I no longer want to be in! Am I stuck there?

Absolutely not! You are able to change your tribute amount at any time - so if you are in the $100 tier and have paid for your commission, I don't expect you to stay there from month to month. $100 is a lot! The same goes for $1 patrons - if you feel you would like to receive more benefits in the future, you can change your tribute amount to a higher one and receive the goodies the following month after being billed! Pretty cool, right?

I nabbed your $100 spot! Now what?
Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for the generous contribution! As mentioned above, I will have to wait for payment before I start on your commission - unfortunately I have been taken advantage of before, so please understand! Once you have signed up though, please be sure to send me an email with what it is you would like! References aren't a must, but they help me better visualize the characters you may want in your piece, so please provide them if you can.

Below is what I will not draw in a commission:
  • Anything not suitable for an audience of 13 years old or younger
  • Mechas 

If there are any questions you may have that aren't covered here, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

$64 of $1,000 per Creation Bundle
I will TOTALLY find a way to make time-lapse videos of my process to show those interested - for tiers 2 and up!
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