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Greetings, I am L. Ann Ahlstrom Dickson, the writer behind the blog-a-book stories S. Holmes, On Your Own Accord, Jet Black (audio), Spooky Davenport (audio), and others. In the fan fiction realm, I'm probably best known for my crossover, all dialogue comedy with the Avengers, and just generally trying to make people squeal in delight or demand that I owe them hugs. Though for both original and fan fiction, I write for details and realism - and that does mean I owe my readers hugs from time to time.

I love teaching how to write and recently I found that this same information is good for people who are DMs or players in tabletop RPGs. Since my work is possibly threatened by Tumblr's mass adult content purge, I'm relocating written goodies, videos, and educational information to different platforms.

This means, that all content is accessed via $1 and $2. 

So what will you get?

All of the behind the scenes previews of my work, previews of my class scripts, printables, free highlight videos on specific writing tips, articles for writers (and DMs), Twitch Hangouts where I'll show how the printables can be used or maybe just show some video games that help with world-building.

Also, shenanigans. Twitch is for unscripted shenanigans that hopefully will have some level of writing analysis. If you're among my readers who want to get revenge on me for causing you to emote, I will be playing Dark Souls and other games where you'll get to see/hear me panicking. 

You'll also get my personal charts that I use for my own writing. Call it an easy-ish author's notes survival kit where you just plug in the information. Side note for DMs, you guys will want this. More info on the details but paraphrased, this writer watches Critical Role and these charts are versatile for world-building whether you're making a game or a writer who hopes to be a master of fantasy and/or science fiction.

And since I'm a video game writer/developer hopeful, I'll end up writing discussion pieces too along with tips that I learned while at uni from actually trying different methods first hand.

In time, I'll keep adding more features. 

It'd be an honor to have your support and to mentor your writing, bring some entertainment to your day, and to teach you something new. 
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In the all video goodies, you'll get snippets from upcoming videos and classes, videos relating to the printable kits, and the audio writer and teacher log. 
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Wow! Thanks so much guys. Now that we have this, I can start doing more free lessons on here and on Youtube.
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