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We are reinventing the concept of laboratory, to make Science and Technology more open, shareable and available to everyone.

- The collaborative spirit of makers who embraces science,
- Collaborative spaces and fablabs merged with science research labs,
- A genuine space of freedom and counter-culture for explorers and curious minds.

We create unique spaces of experimentation where designers, scientists, artists, makers, entrepreneurs, engineers and citizens can freely invent the Future.

With LA PAILLASSE, as a network of open community labs, we foster collaborative science and open technology to solve environmental and social challenges. We create physical and virtual platforms to open and democratise research labs because we believe there are no monopole for great ideas.
This way La Paillasse can give amazing ressources to scientists, engineers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and amateurs that seek to solve important challenges using open source technologies and open data. 

You have ideas, skills, time, money, passions, problems to solve, ressources to give, you can be part of a solution. La Paillasse believes in the power of communities to drive innovation.

La Paillasse is a non-for-profit organisation that was created in 2011 in Paris as an experiment to reinvent how Science & Tech innovation is done in an open world. We started off in a squat where we created a zero-euro biotech lab out of refurbished lab equipments. In that space, a very interdisciplinary and open community has created among other open source projects: low-cost DNA diagnostic tests, biodegradable electronics, inks that you can grow yourself using microbes, low-cost bioreactors, etc...It was amazing to see how collective intelligence could bring marvels out of the void. We wanted to go further. After three years, La Paillasse has left the squat to develop new labs in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Brieuc (France), Cork (Ireland) and Manila (Philippines), bridging an always higher number of scientists, designers, makers, entrepreneurs and amateurs in the world. 


Through this donation program we want you to help us launching and sustaining new innovative and collaborative projects that could not be born inside the traditional walls of institutions, to give them a chance to exist, an opportunity to shine.
Every month, all the collected money will be given to an elected project taking place within our network of labs and you will be provided with news of advancement from them. 

Thanks to your donations, expect marvels of creativity regarding new biomaterials, new agriculture processes, new diagnostic devices, new oceanic exploration programs, new space technologies and more!  

If you want to learn even more about La Paillasse, you can go to our website or watch a 15min talk from Lift 2014 by our cofounder Thomas Landrain.

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$500 will be given to the elected project.
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