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hey there. thanks for dropping by my Patreon page. i really appreciate you checking it out. i've been meaning to rewrite this information block for ages, so here's something quick in the mean time.

i'm Emma, i suppose, and i've been creating and sharing music, notecharts (StepMania, BMS), games, and a lot of other stuff for as long as i've been online. i'm definitely best known for my music, such as internet meme sensations (for better or worse) Intensive Care Unit, Rock My Emotions, and more. this was like a decade ago, though, and couldn't be further from what i'm doing now. maybe you should check out some of what i've been up to:

maybe you can hear echoes of my old work in there! i think you can. as i've gotten older i've gotten quite a bit more introspective with my stuff. it's been a wild ride.

you can come along for the ride, if you'd like! right now the tiers are... a bit of a mess. i need to try to work something out to tidy them up, but they are what they are as it stands. in general, you can expect works in progress, scribbles that wind up scrapped, album downloads, other non-music project updates, streams, etc.

updates may not be quite at the frequency you'd expect right now, given my large back catalog of work, but depression is a harsh mistress and all that.

thanks so much for considering supporting my work.

lots of love, and take good care of yourself.

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