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You support my work and you hope I reach the moon! I applaud and and thank you. I will send you a custom message when you pledge an amount, and every month I will answer a question you ask that is not a spoiler for one of my current works. (What's your fave pizza, show, etc are examples of good questions, but you're allowed to ask others, haha, I don't want to limit you!)




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About Sage Erickson


My journey with writing started with a simple zombie apocalypse story four years ago. It was a story I wanted to write for my friends that stared my friends and I. From that, I discovered a love of writing stories that I wanted to be told, and I refined my craft and built upon everything I started with. I have written some short stories and excerpts of larger stories, but now I am taking the next step and truly committing to writing my stories to the finish.

To keep things transparent, I am still in school and will not be as active as other authors on Patreon. Because of that fact, I don't expect too much from you. I will still write stories no matter how much is pledged to me, but incentives will be made in the future for new tiers so patrons can see into my process, ask me questions, read premium short stories as I release them, and more.

For a while, I will not have much in terms of tiers, just a simple $1 dollar tier for people to show their support. As I build my portfolio and become even better than I am already, I will feel as if my works deserves more recognition and introduce larger tiers. Those tiers will include more rewards such as short character stories, character sheets, premium short stories, and more.

For now, there is a single tier available for those who wish to support me. Here is a link to my Wattpad too, where I will begin uploading the story I explain in the "PLANS" section. Chapter by chapter, every two weeks, the story will be completed. In general, my stories will range from big to small, novels to short stories, and it all starts with you all. You, me, and the stories we can create together.


Patreon is a service for an artist's audience to help them grow their craft, give them money to survive on, and reach more people. Patrons get cool rewards as a bonus for supporting said artists! (I will have more rewards once I'm further along in my career. Think 6-9 months from now? These could be released sooner depending on how my Patreon goals and life shake out)

Expect a variety of content from me that you helped fund! This content will include Patreon exclusive character sheets and stories visible to select patrons and free content for everyone that I will create and post on Wattpad. Additionally, I will (hopefully) publish some books in the future which will most likely become tier bonuses or special offers down the road.


My first plan will be to produce the upcoming rewrite of my first zombie apocalypse story chapter by chapter, which includes my humor and a twist on the zombie apocalypse sub-genre. (Let's be real, it's a sub-genre at this point) It stars teens Sylvia, Ren, and Anita as they brave their new world in search of answers, growth, and understanding. However, they are met with pain, "justice," revenge, deceit, and the ugly truth behind what's really going on. (FINALLY, a zombie story that knows when to end!)

Coming: Saturday, January 20th, 2019

That date
will be the start of Part One of Three. Expect a three to four-week break between parts. The story will most likely wrap up this Winter or the start of next year. Unclear as of yet how many chapters there will be in each part.

The plans I have after that book is fully published will possibly include writing books 2-5, which star characters the three meet for a time in the first book, who have their own stories. Meanwhile, I will be writing a novel I wish to publish by the time I am out of college. Once the Patreon takes off a little more or I think it necessary, more goals and tiers will be added. I will start writing more short stories for Patreon exclusively, and start writing ones to publish on Wattpad.


Look forward to my updates here and on my Wattpad for more information regarding my upcoming projects and my plans for the future. If you have any questions, email me at[email protected] Stay absolutely fantastic, folks!

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At $7 I will introduce a Discord for patrons and non-patrons to hang out in! It will be literature and writing based. It will also be a place where I can connect with everyone a little bit more! Spread the word!
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