Larry Seyer

is creating Music, Video, and Programming




per Per creative effort.


You're busy.  We're all busy - doing what we find enjoyable during our short lifetimes on this planet.  Artists, Musicians, and content creators such as myself are just like you - only we don't receive monetary compensation like you do.  This is your chance to help in that area - and be a PATRON of the arts and creative process. Support me in my creative ventures by donating as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. 

Thank you.
$9 of $3,000 per Per creative effort.
As in almost every industry in the world today - a computer is the heart and soul of my work.  I need a new computer for my live looping rig.  They're expensive - so that is where you come in.  Just a little bit from everyone who is interested in my work is all that is needed.  Thank you!
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