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is creating baked sweets and food monster doodles

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We appreciate your patronage -- for your support, we will send you a surprise little art goody! This can range from a food monster sticker, pin, or even a cool little piece of custom art just for you!
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Thank you so, so much! For your reward, not only will you get a cool little art goody, but you'll also get a decorated cookie or small bundle of regular, delicious cookies (ie- chocolate chip, peanut butter, etc) made by us as a small token of our appreciation.
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We are so thankful for your support! To show our sincere thank you, we will send you a small mystery box containing sweets and art. What could be better than a combination like that? :)




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Las Doughs Brujas is comprised of two great friends, Sasha and Karla, who share a passion for baking and are driven by the desire to expand their skills and make others happy in the simplest ways -- through their eyes and stomachs. What started as a simple hobby has slowly progressed as a small business, and needs support to grow.

We each have very, hectic lives with tons of responsibilities which require us to work full-time and support our families as well as ourselves. That said, our dedicated baking times and funds are limited. As of right now, because we are trying to build a name for ourselves and we are constantly trying to experiment and perfect our sweets, buying supplies is practically an indulgence that we sometimes struggle to afford. We don't have any fancy equipment, but rely instead of what we already have and believe that our spirit when we create is what helps elevate the final product. 

In addition to baking, food zombie drawings (drawn by me -- Sasha) have been ever popular among family and friends, and I would love to share them with everyone. Again, proper supplies are often times lacking, and in order to create cool little items, such as simple stickers/pins/etc, it requires investments I can't afford right now.

What will your patronage do for us? Quite simply, it will help us get what we need to grow and nurture our small hobby-turned-business. We will be able to purchase supplies without worry, which will in turn help us perfect our existing sweets, give us the freedom to create and experiment with new recipes and artworks, and help us ultimately expand our business to a level we can currently only dream of !

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I know, $350 is a ton of money. And we seriously know it. Our current goal is to be able to buy a stand mixer, which would help us tremendously! Not only would it cut time, but it will also improve the quality of our batters and doughs (and it'll save our poor wrists some grief, too).
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