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I post sketched and uncolored Laserwing pages to my Patreon feed.  About half of the time that goes into making a page is the coloring and shading, so you'll get to see the linework and dialogue twice as fast.  All patrons also get to leave input on the public resources I make each month (emote sets, wallpapers)

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You'll get MONTHLY sketch commissions from me!

Nothing NSFW.  For work-safe kink stuff (pinups, furries, I dunno.  inflation?) just ask me where my comfort zone ends.

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Those monthly commissions upgrade to INKED!

Or two sketches a month, if you would prefer.




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About Megan Rose Fernando

I am an independent artist who draws a lot of silly things for the internet.  I am not a professional, I work at a Starbucks and use most of my off time working on comics and illustrations.  My projects currently include:
  • VeryImportantSparkles - This is just my personal blog.  I usually just post doodles, character design sketches, personal notes for my webcomics' worldbuilding, and random thoughts.
  • Popkas - My longest-running and most successful art literally just a fandom blog.  Popkas is a showcase of collectible monsters, starting with Pokemon and then expanding into Digimon, Monster Rancher, and similar series.  There has been a new drawing posted to Popkas EVERY DAY since January 2012.  On occasion I do larger special pieces where I poorly explain the plots to monster animes I've watched.
  • Laserwing - My webcomic, the project I am most passionate about.  I've been developing the characters and plot for this story for about ten years, but only recently have been able to complete the plot's outline and set the actual comic into motion.  I put my all into this one, and it takes a LONG time to make.  The original reason I made this Patreon was in hopes that I could someday afford to devote more time to Laserwing.  What's it about?  Superpowered anime teens, mostly.  It's a little bit like The Breakfast Club, and a little bit like Dragonball Z, but with the sort of stupidly weird depth to its soft sci-fi fantasy setting that seems to be endemic to webcomic storytelling.  You can dig into the Laserwing tag of my personal blog for concept art of weird aliens and notes about plots.
  • Angelfire Hime - When I was a kid I made comics nonstop, and ALL of them are bad.  'Angelfire Hime' is the umbrella term for this vast archive of terrible works.  I have been scanning them and posting them with transcriptions of my bad handwriting and commentary on my bad plots.  At the end of each story or chapter I include a redraw of one of the characters, along with some insight on what I had originally intended for them.
In addition to my personal works I'm one half of Hundera, a Let's Play channel I do with my boyfriend.  So that's good too.  You can also buy some of my art on Redbubble or check out my commissions page.  Every bit helps and I greatly appreciate your patronage!

$18.40 of $200 per month

I'll start making emotes for public use.  Everyone can use them, patron or no, but its patrons who will be able to give me suggestions and vote on what the emotes will be.  It can be any character and any expression.  I'll release two every week.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 238 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 238 exclusive posts

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