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Well Well Well, you beautiful human you! Thanks for the awesomeness and being a $1 Patreon to keep this pirate ship alive. You will get insider information of whats coming down the pipe for all our shows. Oh, and yeah, we gonna shout you out and promote whatever you need for signing up! See you scratch our backs, and know....scratch return!
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Wow, Just Wow. Wesa' owe what your people call the Life Debt! Due to such high levels of perfection from you, we will have live chats on Google Hangout, and I'll be...if we arn't going to let you call in and be a guest during a podcast for all you $5+ patrons, plus all previous rewards.
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I just can't with you, making us blush and all that! You'll receive access to unlisted bonus podcasts for your ears only, plus all previous rewards. Thought we were done? PSH! You gonna get a signed thank you card mailed from us! 




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Last Chance Podcast Network is a collection of 6 unique shows, including; All Things Popped, I'll Have What He's Having, Q2Q, Netted Flicks, LC does Your Scene, and Ascending the Holy Mountain.

We are completely DIY and pride ourselves on consistency with content. Your contribution to our goals keep us going and allow us to create even more amazing podcasts, including scoring bigger and bigger guests. The fact that you're here even reading this message means a lot to us, and you can't imagine just how much every Patreon pledge makes.

Stay beautiful.
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If we can hit this first goal, we will be completely covered for streaming costs every month. Includes our data storage, website hosting, and feed management.
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