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is creating original rock music and videos, and raising money for charity.
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GRG's receive a digital download link every three months of the songs that have been released in that quarter.  This equals 4 albums a year! Who doesn't want a new album every 3 months!?

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About Last Season

My name is Danny Resnick. Welcome to my Patreon journey. 

I am a musician and songwriter originally from Alaska.  I have been writing and performing music for over 10 years now, formerly I toured as a keys player and backup vocalist in the hard rock circuit but have been off the road for 3 years.  Recently I started writing music again and really wanted to find an alternative to the norm of releasing music.  
NO big studios
NO big productions
NO massive funding efforts
Just me and my instruments. Recording at home, doing what I love.  

I'm calling this project Last Season, and over the next year I am going to release 1 song per week, for an entire year.  I'm calling the process A Year Of Music.  

Patreon, and patrons like you are what make it possible for artists to thrive and grow while actually getting paid to do what they love.  This is a much needed missing piece in an industry that exploits artists without giving them a piece of the pie.  I want to thank each and every person who is stopping by this page because YOU are the difference.  YOU are the reason that artists like me can still thrive and get paid for making music, art, and creating. 

I am also raising money for an organization that I really believe in called, These guys donate instruments to children in hardship around the world. 25% of all the funds raised on this page, and through this Year Of Music, will be donated to, and I'm so excited to see how much we'll be able to raise this year!  Your contributions are going to allow me to continue writing music, and produce a higher quality better product, but most importantly your contributions are going to make a difference in the lives of children around the world. 

These videos are all going to be released on youtube, and a subscription won't be necessary to follow this year of music, but I wanted to put up this page as an avenue to give and support the process if you feel so inclined.  I encourage you to follow and share the Last Season, and this whole Year Of Music as it unfolds, regardless of whether you feel compelled to give or not.

If you do however feel like giving to the cause, I encourage you to look at the list of rewards and see if there is an incentive program that fits you best. 

Thank you so much for your support.  It means the world.


0 of 100 patrons
After we get to 100 patrons, I will release an update video of how much we have raised for  I'm hoping that with a 100 patrons we'll be able to give dozens of instruments monthly to children in hardship around the world.
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