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About La Terreta Games

Why La Terreta Games is on Patreon

We're a young startup of indie games
We'd like your help making do adventures and more levels/worlds for our Classic serie game in 2016 and beyond.

One thing we've heard in the past year from fans of classic games is that they'd like to see more adventures with style and gameplay of gold videogame age. This campaign-starters is for this . We get it! We will build a world and plan an adventure as this.

The challenge for us obtein quality content, design and do multiplataform and multilanguage out games. We want to pay our writers, editors, and artists a fair wage on their work, so we've got to make sure that when we publish adventures, we've got the budget to do that.

Our plan is to create a classic series of adventures for Fate throughout the year. for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC,OS X,Linux ,Ouya and Web game.

Our word-count target per adventure is about 10 levels/worlds. If things go really well and we can get up to speed we'd like to build more levels at least one every other month, if not monthly, though we figure it'll take us some time to get started.

When we publish them, we'll make them available InApp-Purcharse or with ads, but supported has always adventages like beta access game, games without ads or feedbak with new games they would like play . To support that effort, we need a core group of folks who have put their faith in us to build the budget here on Patreon.

We know when you back a Patreon campaign you're making a big, bold statement that you're a big. We're big, bold fans of you, too! And we'll do whatever we can to make these adventures worthy of your support.

La Terreta Games
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