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You da best!
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Every dollar counts toward maintaining Latitude's server!

Your name will be included on the wall of Patrons in the Patron temple.

And you will have access to your player head!

Includes Discord rewards
A cup of Joe
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Nothing like a cup of Joe to kickstart the server!

By pledging this amount you help cover a portion of our expenses at the cost of a *fill in chain* cup of coffee!

Your name will be built for all to see on an overview map.

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Serving up!

By pledging this amount you help cover a sizable portion of our expenses at the cost of satisfying grab-and-go lunch box!

You also will have a statue built of your Minecraft Skin in a special Patron temple.

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About Latitude Server

Latitude Server is a online community of Adults who enjoy Minecraft.
We have a community of amazing, dedicated people, both online and in-real life.
This Patreon is just a way to support this community by maintaining it's hardware and ensuring it's up time for as long as you stick with us.

Our Discord Invite Link
$19 of $20 per month
At this goal we can run on this hardware (current hardware)
  • Shared Hosting 
  • E5 Xeon CPU
  • Standard SATA HDD
And it will be mostly covered by the community!
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