Laura Livia Grigore

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About Laura Livia Grigore

There is a deep need for meaning, whichever way we look, if we move our gaze high up to the sky or deep down inside ourselves. To look for meaning and deliver back to people reports of my quest, this is what I want to do.

Technology evolves at great speed, but what happens with the heart of people, it seems to have been left behind. There is a great task ahead for humanity: to synthetize and unify the rational and the emotional.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Laura, I am a writer and artist, with a background in space engineering. I see myself as an incurable humanist and enthusiast. I am the author of The Heart is the Center of the Universe. It was when I visited Sagrada Familia in late 2013 when this intuition sparkled for the first time: that in order to build something durable, meaningful and beautiful, I need to dedicate my life fully to art.

I will share with a story, which came as a revelation about life path. It was summer and I was sitting in the garden. I was reading and having orange juice. Sometimes one of my neighbour's cats visited me. Sometimes my visitor looked like a little hyena, sometimes it was grey, with frightened eyes, but still allowing itself the delight of being picked, tamed, caressed and photographed. One of these days, which seemed all together like only one hot day of summer, I observed some ants. They organized themselves into a two way highway, spread between the bush of roses, which must have been the base and the spot of interst, some bread crumbles maybe. How efficient! I told myself. I kept looking and I noticed some ants that are a bit distanced from the rest, alone, confused and appearing to be moving in circles. After a few minutes I looked again and I was surprised by what I noticed, the solitary ants were not that solitary anyway, some other ants start following them. And then I understand: those were the path openers.

And here is why I come to reach you: I cannot do all these by myself, I need time to create, a calm environment and psychological safety. By helping me, you also support yourself, by allowing space for this idea to flourish, that living a meaningful life, fueled by passion is indeed possible, that empowering the good intentions is within our immediate choice.

I will use all my resources to advocate leading a meaningful life and raise awareness of the tremendous benefits of the creative practice, with its playful, adventurous and last, but not least, spiritual dimension.

My near future plans include the writing of my second book, the story about almost losing hope and recovering it, the struggle of an artist to keep creating, the only meanigful and satisfying pursuit in a world that seems to abandon itself more and more in front of a shallow lifestyle and entertainment.

The content  I post online will go on remaining free, as I believe the primary goal of an artist is sharing. I will keep giving you updates of my new book and artist practice. Donations are optional, but welcomed. You can choose to support me monthly, to buy me a book, a glass of wine, something colorful, a dinner,  contribute with a fraction of my rent or other daily expenses. But for the long term patreons, I will come up with a nice surprise for you!