Lauren Ann Ashley

is creating stories through fabric
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About Lauren Ann Ashley

Hello everyone,
Some of you may have been following me for sometime and some of you may be brand new. Either way, I appreciate you taking an interest in me and my passions. Thank you friend.
If you are new, welcome. I love storytelling as well as bringing creative and original ideas to life. The most enjoyable way for me to do that is through fabric. I love the messages you can convey through the art of costume design. It takes the story to a whole other level of believably and even has the power to deliver subconscious messages.

So thank you patrons for wanting to follow my journey and help support my passion. I started a patreon to help provide the tools I need to be able to bring the ideas of myself and others to life. With your help, i can do just t. I also hope that over time we can build a creative family on this platform. I want to involve you guys however I can.
You inspire me to dream louder, grow stronger, and work harder. 
I would like to thank everyone for all that they do to support me. No matter if it's as grand as becoming a Patron or as simple as sharing my content with a friend. Every gesture and kind word means the world to me. This is such a beautiful community and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Instagram and YouTube are my primary social media accounts