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Hi, I'm Lauren! I love dolphins, cups of tea and of course streaming on Twitch with my Dolphin Army! I'm pretty new to streaming and gaming and currently study law and work as a makeup artist. I would love to make streaming a bigger part of my life and spend more time with my amazing dolphins, and I hope that making this Patreon will bring me one step close to doing that! The money from my Patreon will go towards improving my equipment to bring you a better quality stream and also be used for super exciting surprises such as giveaways :D

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You will get my undying love and appreciation, and a big shoutout on my stream <3
You will get to name an animal of your choice in Dolphintopia so everyone knows how awesome you are <3
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You will get access to my teamspeak server to come and chat with me <3
You will get priority to play with me during Minigames Sunday and any other games I play with viewers <3
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In addition to the above:
You will get a hand written thank-you note posted to you containing all my love from the far away land of Australia <3
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In addition to the above:
We will celebrate your birthday on the stream <3
You can choose the game I will play on stream and you will also get a special birthday graphic which will be displayed for the duration of the stream <3
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In addition to the above:
I will send you a box of my favorite Australian goodies to share with you some things I love <3
You will also receive my personal Skype so we can talk and be besties all the time <3
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I'll commit to recording 1 Youtube video each week with orignial content! This could be Lets Play, vlogs, Minecraft series videos etc
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