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My thanks and patron-only updates, including fiction, RPG prompts, and essays. I'm setting the same reward no matter the pledge amount.

First up, samples from works in progress, including short fiction, Dead Letters (book 3 in the Night Owls series), and the current novel, The Reunion Tour of Billie James and the Flamethrowers, or, How Billie Got the Band Back Together.




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About Lauren M. Roy

I’m Lauren Roy, author of the urban fantasy series Night Owls, about a vampire who owns a bookstore and her smartass crew of booksellers and monster-hunters. My flash fiction has appeared in Fireside Fiction Magazine, and I’ve done a whole lot of freelance writing for tabletop RPGs, including several projects for Onyx Path Publishing that would make college-RPG-geek me go whaaaaaat?* I was an independent bookseller throughout high school and college, and until recently, I was a sales representative for a Big Six publisher.

You read that correctly: until recently. I’ve done the terrifying thing where I’ve quit my day job to write full time, and to go back to school to pursue that degree in astrophysics I didn’t go after the first time around.

Yeah. I’m a big ol’ space nerd.

This Patreon lets me do a few things: mainly, let’s be honest, it helps cover the household bills. Additionally, it lets me feel more comfortable budgeting to attend conventions, where I get to meet fans and participate in our community of writers and artists and geeks.

It also — and here’s the fun, what’s-in-it-for-patrons part — gives me a chance to write more stories. I really dig flash fiction, so more of that is on the docket. I have stories still untold from the Night Owls universe: How Cavale met Val, Elly vs. the Ghost Bros, whatever happened with that wraith in Chaz’ trunk at the end of book one… I’d like to tell them, and I’m excited to get scribbling. 

On the RPG side, I'll be crafting short adventure seeds for you to port into your games. They'll be flexible enough to fit into multiple settings, and will have tips for how to tailor the characters and elements to your game, whether your campaign is set in a high fantasy world or whether you're running Noir Vampires in Space.

You'll also get a smattering of essays from me, related to the varying hats I've worn: writing-related stuff, of course, but also bookselling, publishing, and tabletop games. I won't rule out some Neat Space Musings, too. We contain multitudes, and all that.

Let's go create things!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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