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About Lauren Nikohl

Hey hey, welcome to my Patreon! A magical place for creation, supported by you guys. If you don't know who I am, I am a singer/songwriter with pop/indie/soul/edm influences. My life-long love for the performing arts has expanded over the past few years into a driven passion to create meaningful change in the world through music. It is very healing and cathartic for me to express my thoughts through song, and I love knowing that my songs can also induce powerful emotions in others. My lyrics often portray introspective ideas and inspirational themes. I hope that as an emerging artist, I can help shape pop culture into a more intelligent and thoughtful entity by exuding optimism, writing songs with substance, and being a role model for young people to be more motivated, mindful, and empowered in a country where insecurity and depression are way too common. As an activist and someone who tries to live consciously, a few causes that I am dearly passionate about are women's rights, the legalization of cannabis, and vegetarianism. I love having deep talks about anything, let's have a conversation!

My current goals include releasing an album by next year, so your support means so much to me to be able to do this without the help of "big money!" The money will be put into music videos, marketing, and eventual touring of the record! I am located out of Los Angeles, and create YouTube Covers in addition to my original music. I'll be periodically making patron-only, custom merch as well. By supporting me as an independent artist, you are essentially a part of my record label, so WELCOME to the team! I'd love to hear your input in the community chat area, and will openly accept all constructive criticisms. 

You can support my music with as little as $1 a month, or as much as you want! You can also drop out whenever you feel, there are no obligations here. With a minimum donation of $1 per month, you will gain access to Patron-only, live online concerts, the Lauren Nikohl community chat room,  and behind the scenes access. There will be higher tiers for even more exclusive goodies. If you like what I make but can't support me, no worries! You can still help out by showing support on social media: Follow my artist Spotify, Subscribe to me on YouTube, etc. I really do appreciate you all for believing in me. :)


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When I reach $100 a month, I will start posting cover videos to YouTube once a week!
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