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About Laurent's Choice

Hey there 😊 My name is Laurent from Laurent's Choice. I host Laurent’s Choice and occasionally write articles on my blog.

I build, burn, destroy, salvage computers. That's what I do. And if you are here, chances are that's what you like doing as well. 

I  have been at it all the way since 1994 and my first testosterone-fueled pimple. 

To continue producing this content and keep our passion alive and kicking, I will need your support!

I have tried to reward the different Patronage levels with strong and valuable incentives!
Most of all, thank you for watching me, for even considering donating, and for reading that far into this intro 😊.

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That would cover my yearly Adobe Creative Suite subscription.  It gives me all the software based tools to do all the post production stuff you like so much :)
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