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is creating Programs and ArtWorks that HEAL (Health, Expression, Abundance,

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Dipping Your Toe
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  • a pdf file of "Lotus ~ Qi" (image above)
  • E-mail me with one word that means "Creative Life Force" - the energy that heals - to you and I'll include it in a blog.
Warming Up to the Sacred Waters
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  • Access to my Patron Only Community
  • pdf file of "Lotus ~ Qi" 
  • Ongoing inspiration to Create Your Health
Wading in the Sacred Waters
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  • Access to my Patron Only Community
  • pdf file of "Lotus ~ Qi"
  • Unkink your Hose Video + 28min. audio class on Unkinking your Hoses
  • Ongoing inspiration to Create Your Health 




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To me, it's all about energy and values.  Whether aware or not, you have important values that inspire you, especially when the going gets tough.  A few of mine, vitality, health, beauty, dignity, balance, fun, integrity. Having values to realign with, fall back on, and make choices from, makes life work.  This contributes greatly to our energy balance.

I know that love creates health and vitality.  I know that beauty can inspire love.  My deepest wish is a world filled with healthy, creative people.  That, to me, is a world that could work.  A world that trusts love more than fear.  Solutions more than problems.  Health more than disease.  And a sense of wholeness more than a sense of being broken (even as the wholeness is imperfect).

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I create programs and art that keep women in line with their values of love, health, and vitality leading them to their natural creative expression.  Who you are meant to be in life. Not necessarily as a painter or sculptor, but your own creative self. Maybe that's a great mother, or a creative business owner that provides amazing jobs, or an out-of-the-box-thinking teacher that inspires children to enjoy learning. It's Soul Art.  It's energy alchemy.

Your support, combined with other generous donors, gives me greater wing span to touch more people and teach them to live from their health and wholeness (vs. their disease and disempowerment).  This is a blessing for all of us beyond measure.  I bow to you as a thread in this tapestry that is being woven by one greater than I.  

I'm a thought leader at the forefront of teaching others to Create Health. I know how to guide people in learning to "Love Yourself Back to Health", through my programs and art. 
Every dollar you offer will be in support of this movement.  I'm so excited to meet you! Thank you, in advance, for your generous support.
$9 of $1,600 per month
I need so many things like video equipment, an iPad..I'm way behind on this one!  I want to be able to show people the visuals that might contribute to their shift.  It's all about the visuals :)  I also need a modest printer/color copier.
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