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About Lavender Fields

Hello precious soul!
My name is Lavender and I am a musical artist!
I love producing music, composing songs, writing poetry, teaching piano, making art, meditating, bringing people together and spreading love! I am here to share my skills, knowledge and music; To show you behind the scenes footage of creation process, musician tips and feedback for your songs. Let's co-create a more beautiful world together! 
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Thank you so much for being so generous and supporting my art! This will get you all of the patron-only posts and feed, videos and meditations PLUS FREE DOWNLOADS of all my music!!!!

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Thank you so much for being so amazing, seriously! 

For those of you who seriously wanting to learn piano, I am offering 3 one on one sessions per month (via skype) where I will teach you all I know about piano, answer all your questions and provide any and all kinds of guidance you need to become a badass piano player! Improve your skills, learn how to read music, learn how to jam and write songs! 

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I am creating a Personal Healing Meditation Designed Specifically for your healing needs, with music, ASMR and all that good stuff once a month! Plus you get all the rest of the benefits!

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Thank you dear soul for such grand kindness! I would be honored to have a one-on-one hangouts via where we can learn instruments, music production techniques, meditate together or just talk and share! You can choose to have as many as 4 piano lessons a month with this generous donation! And All of the benefits from the previous tiers! 

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Because you are so amazing and special, I would love to dedicate you a song and craft the lyrics that heal and soothe Your beautiful soul! Plus weekly Skype music lessons, hangouts, physical copy of every new CD and the patron only feed! Plus free VIP show tickets every time I play in your city! 

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