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I'm an attorney practicing law in Colorado, primarily in the Denver-metro area given that I live in Aurora and office just across the way in Denver. I'm a proud democratic socialist, and practice law the same way I practice my politics - fighting against the greedy and powerful who've structured our economy and democracy against ordinary people. I focus on representing employees and residential tenants. I also occasionally represent consumers and whistle-blowers, and provide legal representation for leftist political candidates, organizations, and ballot issue campaigns.

Perhaps more important to staying true to my values, I offer representation in a way that's conscious of the fact that 90% of Coloradans can't afford to pay market rates for legal representation (if anything). That typically means either taking work on a contingency (I only get paid if I collect money for a client), at reduced rates, or for free. 

That translates into a lean practice and lean living for myself and my family, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm doing work that I'm proud of in a way that I can be proud of.  That said, if you're a fan of my approach to practicing law and/or my work you can support it right here with a pledge that will help me stabilize my income while continuing to do important work.  

You can reach me at [email protected]

Here are some of the things that I'm working on (I'll try to keep this updated):

-Asserting a class action claim for tenants victimized by a late fee churning scheme being perpetrated by a massive property management company designed to keep tenants like my client and the class representative on the brink of eviction while maximizing profits by sometimes charging 150% of base rent when all late fees are factored in for their tenants to avoid eviction and homelessness within a matter of just a few weeks.  With this class action, we hope to establish a legal limit on the late fees and other "default" fees that can be charged by a landlord until our state legislature steps up to establish such protections, as other states have done;

-Representing numerous tenants in warranty of habitability cases where obstinate landlords have refused to provide either rent abatements, alternative accommodations, and/or lease repeases despite heat and hot water outages for weeks on end.  One goal here is also to establish legal protections for tenants concerning notice requirements and timelines for repair that have not been established clearly by law to date;

-Representing numerous tenants who've moved their families into residences that subsequently suffered from bed bug infestations where the landlord long had knowledge of widespread infestations when leasing the properties yet did not disclose the conditions.  This case also seeks to establish law that clarifies the notice requirements applicable for tenants and the obligations of a landlord to address such concerns;

-Representing dozens of mobile home owners facing displacement from a mobile home park where an owner/landlord is looking to sell the property to gentrifying developers while destroying the value of the mobile homes it, in many cases, only recently sold to the home owner and park tenants;

-Representing members of the Democratic Socialists of America's Denver Chapter in pursuing public records from the University of Colorado Hospital Authority and University of Colorado Health that show its profit-gouging, public-private way of doing business is likely being used to benefit the Chairman of its Board of Directors - who owns the Colorado Rockies - through advertisement purchases the public Hospital has refused to disclose and account for;

-Assisting 9to5 Colorado with drafting and reviewing legislation aimed at protecting working class Coloradans, particularly tenant's and mobile home owner's rights;

--Representing several nurses wrongfully terminated by major hospitals in the state;

-Pursuing a whistle-blower action with the Internal Revenue Service against the Aurora Economic Development Council ("AEDC").  AEDC receives approximately $750,000 in public funding every year and an additional $1.5 million or so from the private sector to push for chamber of commerce like policies under the guise of furthering economic development and job creation.  In seeking to expose this profiteering stalking horse, it came to light that despite spending nearly a million dollars on lobbying at the state and federal level, AEDC was not reporting such expenses in its tax returns.  That's important, as such monies are not tax exempt.  The hoped for outcome is that the IRS pursues back taxes and AEDC is deligitimized.
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Getting here would increase my capacity to take on the discounted or free legal work  I'm passionate about.  To give this more zing: the more pledges I get, the more greedy slumlords and bosses get sued.
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