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Every reward here, no matter what amount, is credit toward some item on the WayLay store.  In other words, in one year, that's $12 toward a comic, book, print, pin, rough drawing, etc. When you'd like to get some good thing, please email me at lay (at)

If you provide a snail mail address, I'll send official thanks on a postcard.

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The above reward, and you'll accumulate WayLayAway credits 3 times as quickly.  

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Same as above!  There are lots of inked illustrations in the Bargain Bin like this one that I did for The Wall Street Journal:

But, again, WayLayAway credits good for any item for sale. (I throw in postage.)

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Same as above! There are lots of pencil roughs for strips and inked originals in the Store:

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WayLay Away!See a Strip or Page you would like to own? At this level, if a piece is listed for $100, it's yours after five months, $200 after ten, etc.  Shop at or contact me for custom drawings.

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See above!

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Again, another WayLayAway reward -- faster, better, classy!  Also, if we are in the same city at the same time, lunch or dinner is on me.




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About Carol Lay

Carol Lay here. I have drawn comics and cartoons for a living most of my adult life; my work has appeared in a tiny newspaper on Gibraltar and in better known publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker. Because traditional publishing venues are fading away or dying, sites like Patreon can help me and other cartoonists to keep doing what we love. Any contribution will go a long way toward helping me make more comics, and I will do my best to keep your eyeballs happy.

Lay Lines! Newly colored vintage strips and new Murderville stories are now appearing on GoComics and I hope you keep coming back for more.

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I'm fortunate to have a roof over my head and a paid-off old car in the garage.  Utilities, taxes, insurance, upkeep and more add up to a monthly nut that varies, but let's call it 500 clams.  Any contribution at this level will go to paying off un-fun stuff like that. A gal needs electricity to create and upload those comics!

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