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About LayzeeMango

I've always had a knack for writing, stitching words together any way I see fit, I can write nothing of substance in fifty pages, but I can also write the most meaningful strings in a couple of sentences. I put this philosophy behind my storytelling, and in turn it structures my critique and creativity. My goal is to bring ethical and consumer sense to the creative industry, starting with video games. I strive to provide and receive what most people devalue, critical feedback and improvement. If your game is bad, I want to tell you why most people think so, if it's great, I want to analyze what makes it so. I run Mangocast, a podcast dedicated to exploring games and the environment we create, distribute, and enjoy them in. I believe too many have the same ideas, but no one to speak for them. Though I might not be the biggest voice, I'll make sure someone is listening. Worst case scenario, we have great discussions and reminiscence, best case scenario, we change the game.