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About lazysenpai

Hi! I'm lazysenpai. I translate a Chinese novel called Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, Come Here.

Why do I need you to support me?
It is not neccessary but it will mean a lot for me if you support me on Patreon. 

Do you have to pledge to read the novel?
No, it is totally optional. By pledging, you will get advanced releases and give me some support. You can still read the novel in my blog for free. The pledges are just a way to offer a continued support if you are able, in exchange for getting ahead of public releases.

What is the difference between an advanced chapter and bonus chapter?
The advanced chapter is the chapters patrons get to access ahead of public releases. As for bonus chapters, they are extra chapters that both public and patrons will get to view. They may not exactly the same chapter for public and patrons as the patrons already getting ahead of public but they will have the same number of chapters.

How do you get charged?

I enabled Up Front Charge so,
New Patron: You will be charged on the day you become a patron so you can gain access to your tier posts. Then, for the following month, you will be charged as same as the existing patrons.
Existing Patron: You will be charged on the 1st day of the month.

Thank you for your support!
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